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Trash Room Odor Control

Trash Room Odor Control

Piian Odor Neutralizer Commercial Concentrate

Piian Odor Neutralizer Commercial Concentrate

Piian Odor Neutralizer Commercial Concentrate

Description: Lower cost formulation for commercial applications. Concentrated formula to save on shipping and to make handling easy. 

Application Rate: Piian Mini Vaporizer – RTU, Trigger Pack Sprayers – 1:10 with water, Mop and Bucket / Wipe Down – 1:50 with water. 

Packaging: ½ Gallon Bottle, 6 Pack x ½ Gallon Bottles, 1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallon Pail. 2L Bottle, 6 Pack x 2L Bottles, 4L Bottle, 20L Pail. 

Uses: Trash Compactors, Multi Story Trash Chutes, Indoor Dumpster Storage, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Waste Storage Areas, Large Public Rest Rooms, Fire Damage, Sewers and Drains, Tobacco Smoke, Common Strong Odors.

Major Features

Piian Odor Neutralizer Commercial Concentrate

Piian Odor Neutralizer Commercial Concentrate

· Neutralizes & Destroys Odors

· Not A Perfume or Masking Agent

· All Food or Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients

· Extensively Tested For Safety

· Non-Sensitizing, Non-Volatile, Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive

· Environmentally Safe

· Highly Concentrated

· Water Soluble

· ​Competitively Priced


Odor escapes into the air.


Atomized Piian molecules.


Immediate odor elimination.

What is it?
Piian Odor Neutralizer is a completely safe industrial odor control agent made using all natural ingredients. When atomized, it immediately destroys common odors associated with wastewater treatment (sewage) and  solid waste (garbage) and many other industrial and commercial operations. It meets EPA and USDA guidelines.
It is atomized into or around odor sources using a High Pressure Mist System, or a Heavy Duty Vaporizing System, or a Mini Vaporizer System depending on the size of  the application.

On smaller scales it is used to eliminate odors to solve complaints from  occupants of apartment buildings, hotels, shopping malls and  institutions with multi story trash chutes, trash compactors or troublesome sewage drains.
On larger scales, it is used to eliminate  odors to solve complaints coming from neighborhoods adjacent to large  industrial sites such as landfills, sewage plants, compost sites, recycling centers, rendering plants etc.

Why is is Different?
It  is not a perfume - it actually destroys common odors. It has been  independently tested to confirm that it works and it has a long track record of successfully eliminating odors and more importantly - solving odor complaints.
It is not a harsh treatment chemical - it is  completely safe as our product is manufactured completely from food  grade ingredients. It has been independently tested and complies with  important safety guidelines. It is safe to handle and to come into contact with, it is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and ecologically harmless.